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Sacred Citadel play through short video played by myself & Arala Cran. You can view in the 

video tab http://igaraxcorporation.com/video/vip/5/myvideo/sacred_citadel

Views: 105 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 13/10/2016

Lately I have been receiving friend requests from Nintento 3DS players on my 3DS. Not that I'm ignoring you or anything of the sort. The thing is I am not a very big fan of the Nintento company or its products. I know after mentioning this would rise the question as to why I even have one to begin with. To be honest I never really wanted it in the first place, but a family member of mine claimed two of their favorite games, which should have been on Playstation were moved to the 3DS instead.

They were very persistently in wanted me to join them, & even bought me one of the latest models. I gave up eventually & agreed as I told them how much I dislike Nintendo & I refuse to play any other games strictly made for it. The only two games I play are "Monster Hunter Generations" & "Final Fantasy Explorers" cause these two have the majority of their games all over Playstation.

Sega was one of my favorites since my childhood. Ever ... Read more »

Views: 113 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 03/10/2016

Uploaded 52 screenshots for the "GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst" in the forum. 


Views: 96 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 21/09/2016

I have added three videos from my YouTube channel in the "Video" tab. There are also team play recordings I had done from Toukiden Kiwami, unfortunately during the time for some reason the company restricted any of the game sound/music from being heard directly from the game it's self. So I didn't bother uploading the video to my website. If you don't care for sound you can still watch the Toukiden Kiwami vids on my YouTube channel. Watching any of the vids on this website will bring you directly to my YouTube. 

Views: 134 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 25/08/2016

In the "Projects" tab I have added three characters, & one terrain image. 

Characters: Kuro Igarax, Igarax Kratos, & Zeus. 

Maps & Stages: Aquatic Planet. 

Clicking each title will show you each image. 

Views: 99 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 25/08/2016

If you enjoy creating any kind of art, but want to get paid for doing it then click the link. You can host videos, drawing, painting, music ect... & get paid for doing it either per project or monthly. I'm kind of new to the Patreon thing myself, but thought whatever I'll just refer it for anyone who cares. If you're interested you can view my Patreon site in the "Links" section at the very bottom of the website. If you are already a member of Patreon.com & want to add a link to your page you can do so in the comment.

Any questions or comments unassociated with the subject will be disregarded & deleted.


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This is the new home for the Igarax Corporation's forum. So I got bored of using clan websites for basic websites. Aside of that I had noticed there were plenty of problems occurring with the previous clan site I had. After sending in a report only a few problems were fixed, while others weren't. The gallery for example was complete crap & doesn't even work for me...

That was the issue with the second clan site I joined. I hardly been a member for a year instead of the clan site getting better twas only getting worse. Which leads to worrisome situation that caused me to leave the first guild site I made, which now no longer exists. < ... Read more »

Views: 123 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 10/08/2016

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