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...will be up tomorrow (aka 24th if your time is ahead.) I will be taking some additional screenshots of the event, which will be taking place in Altissia.

I have also finished adding ALL screenshots from my Twitter page via my FFXV game & added them to my forum as well. http://goo.gl/ZuFzMI

Remember any recent screenshots I take from my game will be latest on my Twitter at all times. I always add them to the forum later... 

Views: 142 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 23/01/2017

I have recently take screen shots of all Royal Arms (aka ARMIGER) & added them to both my forum & my Twitter. You can view them via the link here: http://goo.gl/9UeLy7 or click the link below to my Twitter page. 

Views: 129 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 24/12/2016

My pre-order for the game came by the 29th of November. I have been posting pictures taken by the character Prompto. He seems to catch a few good pictures & lets me decided what I wanna upload, save or discard. You can view them on my Twitter https://twitter.com/Toocidnab 

I have no idea how many screen shots I've posted already, but there are sure to be plenty of more later. 

Views: 172 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 01/12/2016

I have uploaded details on Igarax Terra in the Projects tab character section. 

Views: 177 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 20/11/2016

Yesterday I had added a map for the Aquatic Planet, which I haven't mentioned earlier as I had plan to customize it by adding location name tags to each area on the map. I will have to deal with that another time if I ever get the chance. 

I have added the details for the Igarax Static to the "Character" section in the projects tab as well. 

Views: 199 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 20/11/2016

Donald Trump has won the election for 2016. Click the link to see. 


Views: 147 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 09/11/2016

I have added a new character to the "Projects" section. "Admiral Megladon" Visit the Project tab above to see the story & details. 

Views: 196 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 05/11/2016

Finally I have completed the full story for The Third Encounter as well. Only the story though, which you can view in the forum. It be the latest topic, so you have no trouble finding it. Just remember it's an old story, so don't take it seriously even though it IS a true story. 


Views: 157 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 27/10/2016

Is my very first video/game made project. I have not released the game yet; however, you may watch the video of it here. I will also be adding some info on the spoile-er, ...details later. I have also added it to the video section of the site as well. 


Views: 140 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 24/10/2016

Below is a link to the details which are posted in the forum for more information. 


Views: 149 | Added by: Igarax | Date: 19/10/2016

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