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Today was another update for Final Fantasy XV:

  • The chocobo carnival has been removed. 
  • Level cap has been changed. 
  • The MP3 Player is now usable while riding chocobos.
  • Items received from chocobo carnival are still in our inventory. 
  • New timed missions have been added in the ingame menu screen at the very bottom of the selection list.

Here be a catch for all players using the Aranea  glitch. She will be considered a guest when you try to attempt the timed quests, preventing you from doing so. You will have to remove Aranea from your party by heading to the chocobo ranch & attempting a race against Gladiolus's sister Iris. This will trick the game into replacing the "guest" member with Iris, which removes Aranea permanently. 

Screenshots & videos uploaded via my twitter so click here>>> T ... Read more »

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