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Lately I have been receiving friend requests from Nintento 3DS players on my 3DS. Not that I'm ignoring you or anything of the sort. The thing is I am not a very big fan of the Nintento company or its products. I know after mentioning this would rise the question as to why I even have one to begin with. To be honest I never really wanted it in the first place, but a family member of mine claimed two of their favorite games, which should have been on Playstation were moved to the 3DS instead.

They were very persistently in wanted me to join them, & even bought me one of the latest models. I gave up eventually & agreed as I told them how much I dislike Nintendo & I refuse to play any other games strictly made for it. The only two games I play are "Monster Hunter Generations" & "Final Fantasy Explorers" cause these two have the majority of their games all over Playstation.

Sega was one of my favorites since my childhood. Ever ... Read more »

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