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Welcome to the Igarax Corporation

This is the new home for the Igarax Corporation's forum. So I got bored of using clan websites for basic websites. Aside of that I had noticed there were plenty of problems occurring with the previous clan site I had. After sending in a report only a few problems were fixed, while others weren't. The gallery for example was complete crap & doesn't even work for me...

That was the issue with the second clan site I joined. I hardly been a member for a year instead of the clan site getting better twas only getting worse. Which leads to worrisome situation that caused me to leave the first guild site I made, which now no longer exists.

Due to loads of messed up guild members or even their leaders had caused the guild website to change their ToS, where since the guild leaders were abandoning or deleting their guild web sites caused all inactive guilds with 0% activity within 30 to 90 days to be permanently deleted. 

Thank God I'm not one of them, but we all have situations in life which will cause us to have to abandon whatever we enjoy the most, for if not half a year an entire. It happens to the bests of us unless you live a perfect life in which I highly doubt... 

Anyway since the fall semester is moving in I'll be able to spend more time doing more art & working on some projects. My apologies as I will not be taking up any more art requests due to delayed requests I have to complete for others, & once I am through with their's I will be focusing more throughly on my projects directly. 

I was hoping that one day someone from 日本 would eventually take interest in my project & take over in the future since shits going down in the USA eventually, I will have to step down. Some time near the end of this year I will have to completely retire from the project I had in plan. So once I expose more of my project the people of 日本 you are welcome to join in or take over. Kudos for 日本. 

I will be posting more about the project & its contents eventually... either on this site or the forum. 

Toocidnab Igarax

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