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ZEUS 2015
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Race: Wind Igarax (Code Zeus)

Born: N/A

Sociality: They are mostly too busy with their work/experiments to pay heed to outsiders. They usually respond to anyone from within the HQ, the Igarax outside of HQ or unless ordered from the leaders of HQ to respond to outsiders.

Confrontations: Almost never unless they are contacted through the HQ via another Igarax granting permission to anyone outside of HQ. Other than that many storm chasers seem to have either ended up missing without a trace, or whatever traces were found burned beyond recognition.

The Story: One created by the main first three Igarax (Red, Blue and Gold) to increse technology and performance of all Igarax, and the beginning process of the building of the Igarax Corps HQs.

Code Holy Zeus: A holy order of knights similar to "The Code of the Planet Destroyers" (the 2nd group of Code Reds who are known as "Hell's Knights".) Very strict on holding traditional religion yet they mostly work in the science department of the Igarax Corps HQ; however, if they choose they will go about other worlds and whip up brutal storms or other windy disasters to throw whatever isn't secured to the ground into outer space. There they then gather whatever they need leaving the rest to either meteor back down to it's planet or remain floating through space.

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