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Terra 2015
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Race: Earth Igarax (Code Green)

Born: N/A

Sociality: He is very cautious when dealing with outsiders, and will only speak if he assumes to have been overpowered. If questioned about private information he will give misleading responses that easily fool the enemy. If all else fails he can become quite an escape artist. 

Confrontations: Is often rare. He tends to ambush or trap intruders and round them up for execution later, and loots the kills. He remains in groups of five to several Code Green units. 

The Story: A created special units group built by Code Zues' of the Igarax science dapartment.

Code Green: Code Greens are the units built for scouting and searching resources from the land of different planets, caves, and mountains and abandoned or recently destroyed areas for themselves and for the HQ’s power supply fields. Unlike Code Golds, Code Greens are more militant like and rely on strategies to deal with their enemies. They are more formal and carry a less emotional personality. They are very skilled as Code Golds, but like to conserve power so that way they would consume less and camouflage just as Toocidnab Igarax, they can change color codes to blend in with the environment. They prefer not to be spotted so easily to initiate perfect ambushes in addition they are very good with traps and escape arts.  

Click the link to view full image: http://igarax.deviantart.com/art/Terra-386484631

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