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Race: Energy Igarax (Code Gold)

Born: N/A

Sociality: He refuses to see all else as anything but the enemy, except for his brethren whom he starts occasional feuds with. Over all he mostly enjoys being alone if not feuding with Code Green leader Terra. 

Confrontations: He loaths encounters strictly from outsiders. He is quick to open attack without hesitation.

The Story: One of the three main Igarax created by Toocidban Igarax whilst Toocidnab was still human.

Code Gold: Code Golds aren’t the yellow you want to make fun of. They are a cold hearted, hotheaded, hostile and a violent group within the Igarax race. They were built to be the most aggressive, powerful and extremely ferocious attackers you’ve ever meant, thus they are the true warriors of the race. Their group leader’s name Static. They are also scouting and securing resources within areas of massive amounts of energy and greatly draining the fields for both themselves and for the HQ’s power supply fields.

Fearlessly, they throw chain combos of heavy attacks to even instantly kill their enemies. They like to make sure there will be no chance of the enemies survival, thus they tend to waste more power than other Igarax making their systems venerable to overheating. Even with the cooling systems installed they can still easily overheat, so they immediately find a safe place to force the cooling systems to speed up.

Unless their bodies were much larger they would take longer to overheat and would still be able to use massive amounts of power. Code Golds are masters of electricity, so even getting struck by thunder would do nothing to them. However to the enemy it means lethal damage to instant death. Most of the time they only have very bad tempers and are not ones to mess with; however, once their trust has been gained (...if possible,) they show great loyalty never turning their back on their race or their trusted ones. They will fight to their death for succession until they obtain victory or until they have to be pulled out by other Code units. 

Click the url for full image: http://igarax.deviantart.com/art/Static-VS-Ratchet-368774980

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