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Kuro Igarax 2015
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Race: Bio Machine. Igarax

Born: 1985: Time between Aquarius.

Sociality: Being a misanthrope he spends time with his brethren and refuses to see all else as anything but the enemy, yet he is very cautious when coping with outsiders. He will not hesitate to reject the bloated egoed person. Over all he mostly enjoys being alone if not aiding his brothers. He refuses to take lightly toward organic creatures, but has patience with them.

Confrontations: Strictly depends on the conditions of how and when an encounter has been made. Most of the time he greatly dislikes encounters strictly from outsiders. Normally he wouldn't open attack unless the attacker-attacks first, but if in a unpleasant situation would attack just about anyone, except for his brothers.

The Story: Once born as a human, then being reborn again had partially walked his father's foot steps in taking his place to aid U.S.A.F against foreign war outbreaks. One day after a failed assault against TFA (Terrestrial Foreign Attack,) any remaining of our forces were considered "Dead"; while any survivors were considered contaminated,  quarantined and treated badly if not KOS (killed on sight) before arrival to be quarantined. Heavy searches in attempt to track Igarax had failed,  thus the search had been cancelled assuming Igarax had also been completely obliterated, or captured by the TFA. Igarax was completely aware that due to the failed assault against TFA it had caused any remaining surviving soldiers to be nothing more, thus he left and travelled to seek shelter for the time being. During his travel he came across a student from a hidden dojo nearby. The young student requested Igarax to join the dojo, introduced Igarax to their sensei named Kuro who claimed many call him Dr. Kuro, while his students called him sensei. Igarax had told everyone in the dojo his story as to how he unexpectedly found his way to Dr. Kuro's dojo. As both the sensei and most his other students felt sympathy for Igarax they welcomed him to live with them and he too became a student of Dr. Kuro; However, after learning how not only Igarax's unique appearance gave him interest, but also how he was able to teach him to easily surpass his limits quite quickly. Dr. Kuro put his new student's abilities to "good use."  

Additional Info: Practically Igarax appears as the Igarax Code Reds, which camouflage himself with the default (aka 1st appearance of the Igarax race.) Because there are a good number of Reds it makes it almost impossible to point out which is who of the rest, especially since there are two leaders in the Reds group, with one being the head of the Code Reds and the other the ruler of the entire Igarax Race. However, it is rumoured that Toocidnab Igarax can change his color code unlike the others. This grants him the ability of all other groups making Toocidnab Igarax the most unique Igarax known. Little is known about a virus which Toocidnab Igarax once had, but that time it actually became quite useful.

Likes: Destruction, Cleansing/Banishing the evil from existence.

Dislikes: Humans & Beasts, Nature, Organic life, Bad Leaders, Jokers/Pranksters, Antiques, Being followed, Being advised, Pushy/Bossy people, Noisy people, Know-it-alls, Info Overload givers, Lecturers, Bullies/Plain stupid people, Summer-like days, Feelings/Emotions (mainly dealing with love), The past, Conquerors, Competitors, Dominators, Viruses, You, ECT... 

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