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Admiral Megladon
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This is Admiral Megladon. He is a megaladon of the Aquatic planet. He had a curse placed upon him which had reduced most of his power & nearly lost his humanity. Kuro Igarax had been requested to rescue him & help him remove the curse then avenge him. A mermaid queen had placed the curse on Megladon after he failed to defeat the evil Sea King & the Sea King's brother. Megladon had been cursed & imprisoned by the merpeople under the order of their wretched merqueen. 

This is the appearance of Admiral Megladon before he had been cursed. His attire consists of that of an admiral's outfit, as his title is "The Admiral of the Aquatic Planet." He also wears special lenses, which show him data & resist extremely bright light. They also flash bright piercing light to temporarily bling his targets. 

His ability consists of the speed the can break a sound barrier, as he does a death roll while dashing like a bullet directly at his targets. It is obvious he is just as deadly in the air & the sea than he is on land. The air is no hindrance to his ability to movement, as it does not differ from that of the sea to him. On land however he only loses a fourth of his speed, as his fighting skills make up for that. 

This was an advantage the evil Sea King had used to defeat Megladon. Many wonder why the Sea King did not kill Megladon when he had the chance. Kuro's best guess was the Sea King wanted Megladon to live the rest of his life in shame, as well as to show everyone in the Aquatic world how even the one whom they all relied on all their life for protection can been defeated. 

Twas said by the Aquatic people (not the merpeople) that Admiral Megladon had over three decades of success in protecting the Aquatic planet, that was until the Sea King had rebelled due to envy. 

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