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Race: Earth Igarax (Code Green)

Born: N/A

Sociality: He is very cautious when dealing with outsiders, and will only speak if he assumes to have been overpowered. If questioned about private information he will give misleading responses that easily fool the enemy. If all else fails he can become quite an escape artist. 

Confrontations: Is often rare. He tends to ambush or trap intruders and round them up for execution later, and loots the kills. He remains in groups of five to several Code Green units. 

The Story: A created special units group built by Code Zues' of the Igarax science dapartment.

Code Green: Code Greens are the units built for scouting and searching resources from the land of different planets, caves, and mountains and abandoned or recently destroyed areas for themselves and for the HQ’s power supply fields. Unlike Code Golds, Code Greens are more militant like and rely on strategies to deal with their enemies. They are more formal and carry a less emotional personality. They are very skilled as Code Golds, but like to conserve power so that way they would consume less and camouflage just as Toocidnab Igarax, they can change color codes to blend in with the environment. They prefer not to be spotted so easily to initiate perfect ambushes in addition they are very good with traps and escape arts.  

Click the link to view full image: http://igarax.deviantart.com/art/Terra-386484631

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Race: Energy Igarax (Code Gold)

Born: N/A

Sociality: He refuses to see all else as anything but the enemy, except for his brethren whom he starts occasional feuds with. Over all he mostly enjoys being alone if not feuding with Code Green leader Terra. 

Confrontations: He loaths encounters strictly from outsiders. He is quick to open attack without hesitation.

The Story: One of the three main Igarax created by Toocidban Igarax whilst Toocidnab was still human.

Code Gold: Code Golds aren’t the yellow you want to make fun of. They are a cold hearted, hotheaded, hostile and a violent group within the Igarax race. They were built to be the most aggressive, powerful and extremely ferocious attackers you’ve ever meant, thus they are the true warriors of the race. Their group leader’s name Static. They are also scouting and securing resources within areas of massive amounts of energy and greatly draining the fields for both themselves and for the HQ’s power supply fields.

Fearlessly, they throw chain combos of heavy attacks to even instantly kill their enemies. They like to make sure there will be no chance of the enemies survival, thus they tend to waste more power than other Igarax making their systems venerable to overheating. Even with the cooling systems installed they can still easily overheat, so they immediately find a safe place to force the cooling systems to speed up.

Unless their bodies were much larger they would take longer to overheat and would still be able to use massive amounts of power. Code Golds are masters of electricity, so even getting struck by thunder would do nothing to them. However to the enemy it means lethal damage to instant death. Most of the time they only have very bad tempers and are not ones to mess with; however, once their trust has been gained (...if possible,) they show great loyalty never turning their back on their race or their trusted ones. They will fight to their death for succession until they obtain victory or until they have to be pulled out by other Code units. 

Click the url for full image: http://igarax.deviantart.com/art/Static-VS-Ratchet-368774980

Characters | Transitions: 57 | Added by: Static | Date: 20/11/2016

This is the "Aquatic Planet" map for the Igarax Project's Aquatic Planet. I will be adding one with details about some of the locations in the forum of my website eventually... or not.

Maps & Stages | Transitions: 63 | Added by: Toocidnab Igarax | Date: 18/11/2016

This is Admiral Megladon. He is a megaladon of the Aquatic planet. He had a curse placed upon him which had reduced most of his power & nearly lost his humanity. Kuro Igarax had been requested to rescue him & help him remove the curse then avenge him. A mermaid queen had placed the curse on Megladon after he failed to defeat the evil Sea King & the Sea King's brother. Megladon had been cursed & imprisoned by the merpeople under the order of their wretched merqueen. 

This is the appearance of Admiral Megladon before he had been cursed. His attire consists of that of an admiral's outfit, as his title is "The Admiral of the Aquatic Planet." He also wears special lenses, which show him data & resist extremely bright light. They also flash bright piercing light to temporarily bling his targets. 

His ability consists of the speed the can break a sound barrier, as he does a death roll while dashing like a bullet directly at his targets. It is obvious he is just as deadly in the air & the sea than he is on land. The air is no hindrance to his ability to movement, as it does not differ from that of the sea to him. On land however he only loses a fourth of his speed, as his fighting skills make up for that. 

This was an advantage the evil Sea King had used to defeat Megladon. Many wonder why the Sea King did not kill Megladon when he had the chance. Kuro's best guess was the Sea King wanted Megladon to live the rest of his life in shame, as well as to show everyone in the Aquatic world how even the one whom they all relied on all their life for protection can been defeated. 

Twas said by the Aquatic people (not the merpeople) that Admiral Megladon had over three decades of success in protecting the Aquatic planet, that was until the Sea King had rebelled due to envy. 

Characters | Transitions: 92 | Added by: Admiral Megladon | Date: 05/11/2016

An image of the entrance to the Aquatic Planet. As I add more images I will add more details. I had created this image some time ago (a couple of years ago if you prefer...) As it has been so long I don't remember the programs which I used for the detailed backgroung (giant seaweeds.) I do know twas only a demo program ever since I could never find it. It wouldn't allow saving either, so I had to screen cap my image, open it in another paint program & save it from there... thus totally destroying its perfect quality in the process. Either way here was the result I was left with. 

Maps & Stages | Transitions: 95 | Added by: Aquatic Planet | Date: 25/08/2016

Race: Wind Igarax (Code Zeus)

Born: N/A

Sociality: They are mostly too busy with their work/experiments to pay heed to outsiders. They usually respond to anyone from within the HQ, the Igarax outside of HQ or unless ordered from the leaders of HQ to respond to outsiders.

Confrontations: Almost never unless they are contacted through the HQ via another Igarax granting permission to anyone outside of HQ. Other than that many storm chasers seem to have either ended up missing without a trace, or whatever traces were found burned beyond recognition.

The Story: One created by the main first three Igarax (Red, Blue and Gold) to increse technology and performance of all Igarax, and the beginning process of the building of the Igarax Corps HQs.

Code Holy Zeus: A holy order of knights similar to "The Code of the Planet Destroyers" (the 2nd group of Code Reds who are known as "Hell's Knights".) Very strict on holding traditional religion yet they mostly work in the science department of the Igarax Corps HQ; however, if they choose they will go about other worlds and whip up brutal storms or other windy disasters to throw whatever isn't secured to the ground into outer space. There they then gather whatever they need leaving the rest to either meteor back down to it's planet or remain floating through space.

Characters | Transitions: 92 | Added by: Zeus | Date: 24/08/2016

Igarax Kratos. Supposedly a special appearance. 

Characters | Transitions: 84 | Added by: Kratos | Date: 24/08/2016

Race: Bio Machine. Igarax

Born: 1985: Time between Aquarius.

Sociality: Being a misanthrope he spends time with his brethren and refuses to see all else as anything but the enemy, yet he is very cautious when coping with outsiders. He will not hesitate to reject the bloated egoed person. Over all he mostly enjoys being alone if not aiding his brothers. He refuses to take lightly toward organic creatures, but has patience with them.

Confrontations: Strictly depends on the conditions of how and when an encounter has been made. Most of the time he greatly dislikes encounters strictly from outsiders. Normally he wouldn't open attack unless the attacker-attacks first, but if in a unpleasant situation would attack just about anyone, except for his brothers.

The Story: Once born as a human, then being reborn again had partially walked his father's foot steps in taking his place to aid U.S.A.F against foreign war outbreaks. One day after a failed assault against TFA (Terrestrial Foreign Attack,) any remaining of our forces were considered "Dead"; while any survivors were considered contaminated,  quarantined and treated badly if not KOS (killed on sight) before arrival to be quarantined. Heavy searches in attempt to track Igarax had failed,  thus the search had been cancelled assuming Igarax had also been completely obliterated, or captured by the TFA. Igarax was completely aware that due to the failed assault against TFA it had caused any remaining surviving soldiers to be nothing more, thus he left and travelled to seek shelter for the time being. During his travel he came across a student from a hidden dojo nearby. The young student requested Igarax to join the dojo, introduced Igarax to their sensei named Kuro who claimed many call him Dr. Kuro, while his students called him sensei. Igarax had told everyone in the dojo his story as to how he unexpectedly found his way to Dr. Kuro's dojo. As both the sensei and most his other students felt sympathy for Igarax they welcomed him to live with them and he too became a student of Dr. Kuro; However, after learning how not only Igarax's unique appearance gave him interest, but also how he was able to teach him to easily surpass his limits quite quickly. Dr. Kuro put his new student's abilities to "good use."  

Additional Info: Practically Igarax appears as the Igarax Code Reds, which camouflage himself with the default (aka 1st appearance of the Igarax race.) Because there are a good number of Reds it makes it almost impossible to point out which is who of the rest, especially since there are two leaders in the Reds group, with one being the head of the Code Reds and the other the ruler of the entire Igarax Race. However, it is rumoured that Toocidnab Igarax can change his color code unlike the others. This grants him the ability of all other groups making Toocidnab Igarax the most unique Igarax known. Little is known about a virus which Toocidnab Igarax once had, but that time it actually became quite useful.

Likes: Destruction, Cleansing/Banishing the evil from existence.

Dislikes: Humans & Beasts, Nature, Organic life, Bad Leaders, Jokers/Pranksters, Antiques, Being followed, Being advised, Pushy/Bossy people, Noisy people, Know-it-alls, Info Overload givers, Lecturers, Bullies/Plain stupid people, Summer-like days, Feelings/Emotions (mainly dealing with love), The past, Conquerors, Competitors, Dominators, Viruses, You, ECT... 

Characters | Transitions: 90 | Added by: Kuro Igarax | Date: 24/08/2016

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