So currently there is a "Deviljho Event" going on in "Monster Hunter World". While playing "Monster Hunter World" with a few friends last night I notice some people had trouble trying to figure out how to get our little problem child the "Handler" off Deviljho's back. The easiest way to do it is to jump him. He ever starts at a nice little jump point just to make it easy for you. 

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...has been released today. November 15th, 2017. There is no info as to why they decided to wait until today, but Final Fantasy Comrades "FULL VERSION" is actually out. For more details on how to get it up & running click & read here as you will need to follow these steps to play the full version. >> Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion details 

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Is rumored to be out by halloween (October 31st) of this year. For more info visit the link: 

Gosunoob: FFXV Comrades Multiplayer Expansion Release Date Revealed

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I had created it in my forum & will be adding more images later. I also added these images to my Deviant Art. You can visit the one on the forum here >> Toocidnab Igarax's IRL Stories.

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Is being released by tonight past midnight. 

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Today Final Fantasy 15 has just released a SURVEY in the "SPECIAL" tab. They say you only get one selection! So if you're like me chose a playable character. Either way you can select whatever you want. I have just uploaded a screen shot on my twitter of the survey on game. Click here>> Final Fantasy XV Survey SS

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This just in...

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.09 has just dropped in. 

New Timed Quests available, ect...

...ok enought the news attitude crap. You can either go to my twitter here for screen caps: Toocid's Twitter Page or go do your own research.

Have fun.

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...has finally been released since yesterday March 28th. Here is a link on how to install it. Click >> FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC

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I have finally gotten around to posting the screenshots from the Chocobo Carnival in the forum. I have also added some more regular screenshots from Final Fantasy XV. 

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Today was another update for Final Fantasy XV:

  • The chocobo carnival has been removed. 
  • Level cap has been changed. 
  • The MP3 Player is now usable while riding chocobos.
  • Items received from chocobo carnival are still in our inventory. 
  • New timed missions have been added in the ingame menu screen at the very bottom of the selection list.

Here be a catch for all players using the Aranea  glitch. She will be considered a guest when you try to attempt the timed quests, preventing you from doing so. You will have to remove Aranea from your party by heading to the chocobo ranch & attempting a race against Gladiolus's sister Iris. This will trick the game into replacing the "guest" member with Iris, which removes Aranea permanently. 

Screenshots & videos uploaded via my twitter so click here>>> T ... Read more »

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